Första mailen till Amerika




Här kommer dom första mailen från Dave.


Mail nr: 1 kl 14.34


Hej to all.... just in case the students did not get their emails out to you yet.


We have just arrived in Stockholm at the Nordic Sea Hotel and all is well.  Light snow flurries with temps at 32c and breezy.  Grey skies of course. lol 


Going to go out and take a tour of the city and then come back for food and well needed rest.  Have not had but a couple of hours sleep since we saw you last. 


Ha en bra dag! 




Mail nr: 2 kl 14.38


Ooops..... time to change brains now.  32F or 00c is what I meant to say. lol




Mail nr: 3 kl 20.25


Hej to all,


This will be the address to Lennart's blogg this year, for updates on the exchange....so check it from time to time to see over the next 8 to 10 weeks and see what he has posted if you like. If you don't speak Svenska (lol) you can use Google translate, and it will get somewhat close to a translation across. 




You may have to copy and past the link into your address bar if it doesn't work as a live link...




Postat av: Warren Baker

Good morning! We're all here and following along.

Svar: Hope you like what you see in the blog. Lennart

2013-03-24 @ 15:56:52

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